Toiletry Talk

Let’s talk toiletries, shall we? Since I love beauty and skincare and pretty much always think that I am sick, I have quite the collection of toiletries. Though as I’m sure you know by now, my bathroom is teeny tiny. As such, I have to be incredibly diligent about going through my toiletries just and clean out the old in order to bring in the new.

Even if you have all the space in the world however, I’d still recommend making it a point to review your toiletries every couple of months. You’d be surprised what can pile up in the back of the cabinet when you’re not looking! Here’s how I tend to my toiletries:

Check Dates: Because we often forget when we bought that bottle of Advil, it’s always a good idea to check the dates to see what is past its prime.

Check Quality: Even if something passes the above test and has not yet reached its expiration date, I still like to do a quality test. By this, I mean that I will inspect the item to make sure it still feels and looks as good as the day I bought it. If my nail polish color is hardening and drying out, for instance, I’ll go ahead and toss it. Combine Bottles: Maybe it’s just me, but I always seem to find duplicates in my toiletry collection. When possible, I like to combine these duplicates together to make for more space.

Throw Away Excess: When cleaning out my medicine cabinet, I’m also searching for items that I simply haven’t touched in many months. If I haven’t reached for a moisturizer in a while and didn’t like the way it made my skin feel, for example, then I’ll get rid of it.Are you ready to give your own toiletries an inspection? I hope so!

3 thoughts on “Toiletry Talk

  1. Damn. That looks seriously good. I love how you set the shelves up. I love the colours. Now I really ought to go and clean my bathroom; I believe there are even cobwebs now on the ceiling (but if I don’t tell anyone, I’ll get away with it)


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