Toiletry Talk

Let’s talk toiletries, shall we? Since I love beauty and skincare and pretty much always think that I am sick, I have quite the collection of toiletries. Though as I’m sure you know by now, my bathroom is teeny tiny. As such, I have to be incredibly diligent about going through my toiletries just and clean out the old in order to bring in the new.

Even if you have all the space in the world however, I’d still recommend making it a point to review your toiletries every couple of months. You’d be surprised what can pile up in the back of the cabinet when you’re not looking! Here’s how I tend to my toiletries:

Check Dates: Because we often forget when we bought that bottle of Advil, it’s always a good idea to check the dates to see what is past its prime.

Check Quality: Even if something passes the above test and has not yet reached its expiration date, I still like to do a quality test. By this, I mean that I will inspect the item to make sure it still feels and looks as good as the day I bought it. If my nail polish color is hardening and drying out, for instance, I’ll go ahead and toss it. Combine Bottles: Maybe it’s just me, but I always seem to find duplicates in my toiletry collection. When possible, I like to combine these duplicates together to make for more space.

Throw Away Excess: When cleaning out my medicine cabinet, I’m also searching for items that I simply haven’t touched in many months. If I haven’t reached for a moisturizer in a while and didn’t like the way it made my skin feel, for example, then I’ll get rid of it.Are you ready to give your own toiletries an inspection? I hope so!

#TopShelf Talk

In the last year, I’ve become certifiably obsessed with all things beauty—from watching makeup tutorials on YouTube to stocking up on what feels like every hydrating serum on the market. So even though I’ve written about my favorite beauty products before (as well as how to organize them here and here), it was definitely time for a refresh.


While many of the products I wrote about in my last post have remained staples of mine, this is what I’ve added to the mix:

  • Glossier priming moisturizer: When I am going to be wearing heavy makeup, I always make a point to apply this generously beforehand.
  • Glossier boy brow in clear: My eyebrows are pretty naturally thick, so during the workweek, I prefer to just groom them into place than to add more definition to them.
  • Jo Malone Red Roses perfume: I’m super sensitive to fragrance so I prefer as light of a scent as possible. Jo Malone’s Red Roses is just that.
  • Sugar Rosé tinted lip balm: Hands down, this is my favorite product I’ve ever introduced into my life. It is so so moisturizing and adds the perfect amount of color to your lips. I cannot leave the house without this and would probably die if I did—that’s how good it is!

Tricks of the Trade: Bathroom Organization

My bathroom is, without a doubt, the smallest room in the apartment. Somehow, all three of our walk-in closets are larger than our bathroom. But even with its small size working against us, I’ve manager to pack a whole lot into it without making it feel cluttered or cramped. From a shelving system to hidden storage, keep reading to find out my tips for maximizing storage space in a small bathroom.

The biggest tip I can give is to invest in an over-the-toilet shelving system—I found this one on Target and seriously couldn’t love it any more. With this system in place, here are some more ways to increase storage space:

  • Use vases as storage — I love shopping at flea markets and second-hand stores and often pick up quaint vases when I do. The vases in my bathroom not only serve as decoration, but also double as storage. I put all kinds of things in my vases, from nail clippers and tweezers to floss and travel toothpaste.
  • Place baskets on top of your shelving unit — Without the baskets I’ve placed above our shelf, I would definitely not be able to fit all of my toiletries. The two that we have in our bathroom hold everything from sunscreen and body lotion to cold medicine and advil.
  • Hang a shower caddy — I’m a firm believer that everything in a room should have a spot, which is exactly why I hung two shower caddies over our rack in the shower. I love how this keeps everything up and off the bathtub and into its own designated spot.

Do you have any storage tips for a small bathroom? Let me know in the comments!

Tricks of the Trade: Makeup Organization

I’ve always appreciated the magic of makeup, but recently that appreciation has turned more into an obsession. Every night, I find myself watching makeup tutorials on YouTube, which inevitably have product endorsements in them, which inevitably winds up in me ordering said products and growing my makeup collection. Please tell me I’m not alone in this!

Because my collection has grown these past few months, I’ve been experimenting with different organizational techniques and have finally landed on a system that I’m excited to share.

Of course, if my bathroom were much larger, I’d definitely be stocking up on these clear makeup holders to do the job. But alas, I’m working with a few drawers in my second closet, as well as some vanity space. To maximize this limited space, I invested in some really pretty vases to store my brushes, eyebrow gels, and lip pencils. Some days, I’ll only apply some eyebrow gel and hint of lip color, so I love that these two staples are now super easy to reach.

As for the rest of my makeup products, I found these very practical cubes from IKEA that happen to fit perfectly in my vanity drawers. I use two for my makeup: One for My concealers, highlighters, and beauty blenders, and the other for bronzers, blushes, powders, eyeshadows, and foundations. Because they are quite small, I stack most things with the largest item on the bottom and the smallest on top. When I get ready in the morning, I simply empty out the bins and pull my selections for the day.

How do you organize your makeup? Please share in the comments!

Wish List: Clawfoot Tub

Rhetorical question: Is there anything chicer than a clawfoot tub? When I was in elementary school, my mom picked me up from a sleepover with one of my close childhood friends. I remember hopping in her car and immediately asking her if we could get a clawfoot tub just like the one my friend had. Fast forward 15+ years later, and I’m still waiting on that tub. Cue: my wish list.


Photos from: Pinterest.

Tricks of the Trade: Bathroom Display

First Image

And the bathroom talk continues.

In my opinion, there’s nothing worse than using someone’s restroom and being faintly grossed out by what confronts you when you open the door. Whether it’s an unclean space or just a cluttered space, it’s not ideal. So, I thought I’d share some of my tips and tricks for how to create the perfect bathroom space that is both functional for its owner, as well as pleasant for all others who visit it.


Aside from keeping the bathroom cleaner (which is a no-brainer!), the next step is to think about everything in your bathroom as falling into one of three categories: essentials, extra, and personal. Allow me to break each down further:

Essentials. These are items that absolutely must be in a bathroom for it to be functional. Think: hand wash, towels, room spray, candle, trash can, toilet paper, etc. When thinking about essentials, you want to think about both yourself and your guests. While you may not use the extra towels or room spray every day, they’re nice additions for any guest that enters.


Extras. Think about extras as items that are nice to have, but not totally essential. For instance, I keep q-tips and cotton balls in clean glass jars on display in my bathroom, but they’re not essential. Other examples of extras are items that add a little bit of color and style to the space–anything from colorful bar soap to natural sea sponges.

DSC00220 Personal. Finally, we have items that are strictly personal and should remain hidden in your bathroom. Yes, this includes all toiletries–because, let’s be real, no one needs to know exactly what body lotion you use every day. I like to keep all of my toiletries in baskets, the medicine cabinet, and behind the shower door.

DSC00230DSC00229 DSC00236

Bathroom Shelving


A few months back, I shared some creative bathroom storage solutions and now I’m back to share even more. I absolutely love the above graphic and this blog post by Dering Hall because it touches on so many important points that I swear by, such as how important shelves are. But more than that, how it’s important to have a system for your shelves–whether they are bookshelves or bathroom storage shelves.

So, basically what I’m saying is: read their blog post and thank me later.