Wish List: Clawfoot Tub

Rhetorical question: Is there anything chicer than a clawfoot tub? When I was in elementary school, my mom picked me up from a sleepover with one of my close childhood friends. I remember hopping in her car and immediately asking her if we could get a clawfoot tub just like the one my friend had. Fast forward 15+ years later, and I’m still waiting on that tub. Cue: my wish list.


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Tricks of the Trade: Bathroom Display

First Image

And the bathroom talk continues.

In my opinion, there’s nothing worse than using someone’s restroom and being faintly grossed out by what confronts you when you open the door. Whether it’s an unclean space or just a cluttered space, it’s not ideal. So, I thought I’d share some of my tips and tricks for how to create the perfect bathroom space that is both functional for its owner, as well as pleasant for all others who visit it.


Aside from keeping the bathroom cleaner (which is a no-brainer!), the next step is to think about everything in your bathroom as falling into one of three categories: essentials, extra, and personal. Allow me to break each down further:

Essentials. These are items that absolutely must be in a bathroom for it to be functional. Think: hand wash, towels, room spray, candle, trash can, toilet paper, etc. When thinking about essentials, you want to think about both yourself and your guests. While you may not use the extra towels or room spray every day, they’re nice additions for any guest that enters.


Extras. Think about extras as items that are nice to have, but not totally essential. For instance, I keep q-tips and cotton balls in clean glass jars on display in my bathroom, but they’re not essential. Other examples of extras are items that add a little bit of color and style to the space–anything from colorful bar soap to natural sea sponges.

DSC00220 Personal. Finally, we have items that are strictly personal and should remain hidden in your bathroom. Yes, this includes all toiletries–because, let’s be real, no one needs to know exactly what body lotion you use every day. I like to keep all of my toiletries in baskets, the medicine cabinet, and behind the shower door.

DSC00230DSC00229 DSC00236

Bathroom Shelving


A few months back, I shared some creative bathroom storage solutions and now I’m back to share even more. I absolutely love the above graphic and this blog post by Dering Hall because it touches on so many important points that I swear by, such as how important shelves are. But more than that, how it’s important to have a system for your shelves–whether they are bookshelves or bathroom storage shelves.

So, basically what I’m saying is: read their blog post and thank me later.

Creativity and Storage and Bathrooms


Coming from someone who has a teeny tiny bathroom (ahem, me!), I love any and all kinds of articles about how to get creative in a small powder room space. From cubbies, to baskets for towels, this article has got me inspired.

P.S. check out my bathroom re-do for even more ideas about how to fit it all into a small space, while still looking chic.

Wish List: Subway Tile


Subway tile is often viewed as an inexpensive solution to a kitchen renovation, but in my book, it is a clean, crisp, and refreshing option that makes any kitchen pop. I love the look of an all-white backsplash with color added in the form of plants, wooden cutting boards, and flowers. Needless to say, subway tile in either a kitchen or bathroom is currently on my wish list.

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Pro tip: Opt for white grout for a super clean, polished look.

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Bathroom Re-Do


When we first toured our apartment, we were head over heels in love with it. Everything from the original French doors to the archways in the entry way caught our eyes, and we knew it was the perfect apartment for us.

However, as with most things, not everything is sunshine and butterflies in our apartment, and there are some struggles that come naturally with rentals. Case in point: our teeny tiny bathroom, first shown in this post. While I’m actually pretty good about only keeping toiletries that I need – I’m not one to have 100 different face masks and hair straighteners – but with that said, I still do have far more than my small medicine cabinet allots. Plus, combine this with the products my boyfriend has and we clearly have an issue…

For a while, I solved this issue with a floating IKEA shelf that housed big baskets stuffed with extra toiletries. But after many months of standing on my tippy toes to reach into these baskets, I craved a better, prettier, more functional solution. When I stumbled across this beautiful faux marble étagère for under $200, I knew I had found the storage solution of my dreams.

Without further adieu, here’s my new and improved bathroom:


Check back tomorrow to see a highly detailed breakdown of everything I bought for my bathroom re-do!