Inside My Makeup Bag


First off, how pretty is my Cuyana makeup bag? I’m pretty much in love with it and makes me want to fill it with only the best of beauty products. On that note, I thought it’d be fun to share what beauty items I can’t live without.

dsc00761 dsc00765

From top left to bottom right:

My Go-To Jewels


When it comes to jewelry, I tend to go through phases with key pieces. I’ll buy a new dainty gold ring and suddenly I can’t leave the house without it and forget all about the ten other beautiful dainty gold rings I once loved. Not to say that I never go back to the others, but it does take some time.

dsc00641 dsc00644

Because of this habit, I like to leave out the jewels that I’m loving the most so they’re easily accessible. Not only does this make getting ready so much quicker, but it also makes my nightstand look so much prettier!

Of course, if you wear lots and lots of jewelry and have tons of favorites, this may not be the best option for you. In that case, I’d recommend having a chest in your jewelry storage for your favorites. That way, they’re still super easily accessible but don’t look cluttered out and about.


Want more jewelry displaying tips? Read this post.

Winter Wardrobe


Now that the weather is really getting cold in San Francisco, I’m officially whipping out my Winter gear. From my new wool coat from J.Crew to my all-time favorite Stuart Weitzman boots, I’m ready for the colder months.

dsc00594 dsc00596 dsc00598 dsc00600 dsc00602 dsc00606

I’m also still sporting all of the items I featured in last year’s Winter Wardrobe post–check it out here.


First Image

A few months back I confessed my love for Rocksbox, but in case you missed it, I’m back it to share more of my experience. Before subscribing to Rocksbox, I didn’t wear jewelry all too often. Maybe I’d throw on a choker on a Friday night, or wear one of my diamond bands on the occasional Tuesday, but in general, I didn’t think much about my bejeweled accessories. This totally changed with Rocksbox, as I now have three new pieces in my life whenever I’d like them.

DSC00288 DSC00291 DSC00304DSC00297

Don’t like the box you get it? Just send it back and Rocksbox will send you a brand new one, incorporating your feedback from the previous box. Madly in love with one item in your box? Just keep it and send the rest of the box back.

Now excuse me, I’m going to try on outfits with my brand new jewels.

Summer Nail Polish Colors

First Image

One of my favorite parts of a new season is switching up my go-to nail polish colors. Since I always have a fresh coat of paint on my nails, I love to have several options to choose from throughout a given season. This Summer, here are the colors I’m constantly reaching for.


Turqoise & Caicos // Find Me An Oasis // Tart Deco // Muchi, Muchi

IMG_5488 IMG_5490