Falling for Scarves

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been reaching for a scarf nearly everyday—not only is it pretty chilly out, but I love how they complete an otherwise bland outfit. Typically, my scarves are tucked away in bins just like my purses, but I’ve been craving for a seasonal solution to accommodate my frequent needs.


Because I can’t create additional storage in my closet, I had to work with what I already have on this. I recently installed these beautiful hooks in both of my closets and while I was once using them to plan out outfits, I’ve been loving using them as a catch all for scarves at the moment. They make it so easy to hang my favorite scarves and because I have an extra set in my other closet, I can still prep my outfits in advance—win, win!

Peek into My Purse

While I’ve never really been one to tote around a “Marry Poppins” bag filled with everything under the sun, I am very careful about never leaving the house without any one key item. Because everyone’s key items are different, and because it’s so fun to see what others keep in their bags, I thought I’d share what’s in mine!

On any given day, you won’t find me without the following in my purse:

Depending where I’m headed and how uncomfortable my shoes are that day, I may also stuff some bandaids in my bag. Oh, and a Lara bar, too!

What are the items you always have in your purse? Share in the comments!

Fall Wardrobe

Every year when fall rolls around, I get uncontrollably excited for all that it marks—pumpkins, pumpkin spice lattes, boots, knits, plaid, etc. So even though it’s not yet officially fall (the first day is this Friday!), I’m getting my favorite pieces ready to go. Keep scrolling to see what kinds of creams, clogs, and corduroys I’ll be donning this season.

Psst: My Bryr clogs are one of my most prized possessions. I custom designed them and couldn’t love them any more!

Inside My Makeup Bag


First off, how pretty is my Cuyana makeup bag? I’m pretty much in love with it and makes me want to fill it with only the best of beauty products. On that note, I thought it’d be fun to share what beauty items I can’t live without.

dsc00761 dsc00765

From top left to bottom right:

My Go-To Jewels


When it comes to jewelry, I tend to go through phases with key pieces. I’ll buy a new dainty gold ring and suddenly I can’t leave the house without it and forget all about the ten other beautiful dainty gold rings I once loved. Not to say that I never go back to the others, but it does take some time.

dsc00641 dsc00644

Because of this habit, I like to leave out the jewels that I’m loving the most so they’re easily accessible. Not only does this make getting ready so much quicker, but it also makes my nightstand look so much prettier!

Of course, if you wear lots and lots of jewelry and have tons of favorites, this may not be the best option for you. In that case, I’d recommend having a chest in your jewelry storage for your favorites. That way, they’re still super easily accessible but don’t look cluttered out and about.


Want more jewelry displaying tips? Read this post.