1 Coffee Table, 3 Ways


Seeing all of your great comments in response to my “1 Dining Table, 3 Ways” post inspired me to tackle the same challenge on a different table. Enter: the coffee table. Just like the dining table, my coffee table morphs from week to week depending on what kind of flowers the grocery store had or which books I’m loving at that moment. I suppose it becomes something akin to my creative outlet, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Here are three different ways I’ve been known to style my coffee table.

Coffee Table 1: I live for a good color-coordinated moment, so it should be no surprise to see a rainbow on my coffee table as well. While not the most functional option (where do your cups or feet go?), it definitely brightens up the room and makes me happy every time I pass by it.

dsc01426dsc01428 dsc01429dsc01425

Coffee Table 2: Clearly my shibori runner gets a lot of use bouncing from room to room, but doesn’t it look so effortless? I love that this option is super simple yet feels totally complete.

dsc01441dsc01447 dsc01443 dsc01439 dsc01437

Coffee Table 3: This how my coffee table typically looks–one big stack of books for browsing, and an acrylic tray filled with all kinds of deliciously-scented goodies.

dsc01417dsc01421 dsc01423 dsc01418

Which coffee table option do you like best? Share in the comments below!

1 Dining Table, 3 Ways


I’ve blogged before about how I like to switch things up, and my dining room table is no exception. On any given week, it can go through a complete metamorphosis–looking like it’s dinner party ready one day and then the perfect cozy breakfast nook the next.

Below I show you three different ways to style the same dining table with only a few small swaps.

Dining Table 1: This is how my dining table looks most days. It pretty much embodies everything I love in this world–Heath Ceramics, fresh flowers, and indigo. I love that it could be ready to entertain in a flash, but also looks pretty just as it is.


Dining Table 2: This dining table is one that I might bust out on a Friday night after a long week. It’s a little bit indulgent, but in the best way possible.


Dining Table 3: Last but certainly not least, this table setting is a great way to remind yourself to be healthy. If you’re having an off week or feeling a little under the weather, throw some healthy cookbooks and fresh fruit on the table and you’ll feel more balanced in no time. I swear!


Which table setting do you like best? Share in the comments below!

Peonies In Vogue

Remember when I told you how much I loved the look of a curated stack of magazines? Well, now I’m here to tell you all about my curated stack of magazines–and I hope you love it as much as I do.

Getting my Vogue magazine in the mail every month is definitely a highlight for me–there’s just something about having a physical book to flip through that is so much more rewarding than an email or web page. And now I can continue to enjoy each month’s issue–and all of the interesting articles and ads that live within–even after it’s immediately relevant.

As the stack continues to grow, we may have to find a new home for it. But at least for right now, it’s working pretty perfectly between the two chairs in our living room.

Apartment Refresh


Hopefully it’s very obvious by now that I am obsessed with adding to my apartment–be it something so small as a vase or something so big as a chair. Going to the flea market each month is one of my favorite pastimes, so it’s no wonder that I always seem to have something new to talk about every couple of months.

Here’s what I’ve added since my last apartment update.

dsc01194 dsc01200

My favorite piece that I’ve added is this incredible Eames chair. I love that it’s not upholstered, but decided to top it off with a sheepskin throw to make it feel warm and inviting.


New coffee table books that I’ve been diving into on the weekends.


Holding onto this bottle of Scribe wine for as long as I can.


Couldn’t resist taking home this adorable berry holder.


I’ve been eyeing this Heath Ceramics vase for months now, and couldn’t be happier that it’s now in my home.


Loving this shibori runner that now lives on my dining table. (You can see other ways I’ve styled it in this post.)

What do you think of the little changes?

Spring Apartment Decor


Getting my house in the Spring spirit is probably one of my favorite things to do because it signals the longer, warmer days just around the corner. As soon as April kicks into gear, I know it’s time to bust out all of my colorful vases, flowers, and accessories. Here’s exactly what I did to welcome the season:


Moved these beautiful vases from our bookshelf onto the coffee table.

dsc01221 dsc01227

Similarly brought out this beautiful chair from our bedroom corner.

dsc01228 dsc01230 dsc01231

Colorful and sweet candies at the ready.


Home Bar Necessities


Will and I have been looking for a little bar cart to put beneath our ornate light fixture in the living room for so long. We sadly haven’t found anything, but are still very much on the hunt!

Since we were having friends over the other weekend, I decided to pull out the bar cart we use in our kitchen to hold our microwave and toaster oven and put it in the living room. While it doesn’t look quite right in the space (we’re hoping for something a bit shorter & wider), it was seriously so.much.fun styling it. Here’s how I did it:


Props, props, props: Sure, a bar cart should mostly be functional in nature (hi, alcohol), but it also needs a bit of stylizing with props. I topped it off with two of my favorite cook books, a bowl filled with lemons, marble coasters, and a pretty bud vase.

dsc00718 dsc00740dsc00720

Add variety. While I have double that number of glasses tucked away in my cabinets, I liked the look of having a few different glasses and only a few of each. Not only does it create visual interest, but also ensures you’re prepared for any drink your guests might want.


Find a place. While most bar carts come on wheels, I’d recommend finding a designated spot for it in your living room or dining room and keeping it there. It will seem much more purposeful that way.


And on that note, I’d like to say cheers to a wonderful next few weeks! I’ll be taking some time off the blog to travel throughout South East Asia and will be back here on March 14th. Can’t wait to share about my travels with you when I am back!

Tricks of the Trade: Table Setting


As a little girl, there was nothing I loved more than setting the table. Whether it was just a normal Tuesday night dinner with my siblings and parents, or a fancier occasion with family friends, I busted out all the stops. I’d pick flowers from our garden, put out wine glasses, make place cards–you name it, I did it.

Fast forward several years later, and I still love a good, classy table setting. Since I don’t usually have fancy dinner parties at home (we only have a total of four chairs and aren’t the best cooks in the world), I tend to keep it pretty casual with a few special touches. See below for what I mean.


My first rule of table setting is try to color coordinate and keep things consistent (but let’s be real, that applies to pretty much everything I do). The gold in the glasses compliments the straw placemats, as well as the bit of wood on our cutting board.

dsc00669 dsc00675

The second rule is to always have a centerpiece. This really doesn’t have to be anything too fancy; practical is just as good. Right now, I’m loving the look of a chic cutting board with salt and pepper shakers, a small bouquet and some wine.


The third and final rule is to know the real rules. The fork is always on the left, knife on the right, and salad plate on top.


Hope this inspires you to throw a dinner party soon!