A Mid-Summer Toast

I can’t believe it’s already the fourth of July! This Summer seems to be flying by, and I’m doing my best to savor every second of it.

My boyfriend and I have an upcoming trip to New Mexico to look forward to, but I’m planning to sit down this weekend and book some other getaways. There’s just something about getting a trip on the books that makes it feel like Summer is never-ending. And in that very spirit, I thought I’d share some links to past travel blog posts to give you some inspiration to do the same.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday, and happy traveling!

New York City


The Bay Area

Big Sur


Wine Country




Summer Plans


Last Summer, I took the time to write down everything I wanted to do that season and I must say, I absolutely loved it. It can seem a little daunting to sit down and reflect on everything you’d like to see and do, but it’s all worth it once you’ve made your list.

Just think: when you’re bored on the couch wondering what you should do for the day, you’ll already have a list of great ideas to pursue. How handy is that?

So without further adieu, here’s what made it on this year’s Summer to-do list.

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Spring Apartment Decor


Getting my house in the Spring spirit is probably one of my favorite things to do because it signals the longer, warmer days just around the corner. As soon as April kicks into gear, I know it’s time to bust out all of my colorful vases, flowers, and accessories. Here’s exactly what I did to welcome the season:


Moved these beautiful vases from our bookshelf onto the coffee table.

dsc01221 dsc01227

Similarly brought out this beautiful chair from our bedroom corner.

dsc01228 dsc01230 dsc01231

Colorful and sweet candies at the ready.


Happy Holidays


I’m still trying to figure out how it’s already the middle of December and where time has gone (does anyone else feel like this year went by so fast?), but loving all of the holiday spirit around me. These photos are getting me so excited to head home in just a few days and celebrate the holidays surrounded by friends and family.

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Happy holidays!

Winter Wardrobe


Now that the weather is really getting cold in San Francisco, I’m officially whipping out my Winter gear. From my new wool coat from J.Crew to my all-time favorite Stuart Weitzman boots, I’m ready for the colder months.

dsc00594 dsc00596 dsc00598 dsc00600 dsc00602 dsc00606

I’m also still sporting all of the items I featured in last year’s Winter Wardrobe post–check it out here.

Winter Activities List

first-image Every year, I get the same feeling when Winter rolls around that falls somewhere between longing for Summer and gratitude for quiet nights at home. There’s no fighting that Winter activities can feel much sparser than Summer’s (sure, there are tons of snow sports but not all of us can just hop on a ski slope every weekend). And while it definitely it is nice to slow down and spend more time at home, I thought I’d share some of my favorite Winter activities in case you’re needing a little boost.


See a movie — Whether you’re watching at home or heading to the theater, nothing beats a good movie on a cold Winter night. One of the things I look forward to most all year is the Academy movies and going to see as many of them as I possibly can before the Oscars.

Host a popcorn night — This Winter, I’m hoping to plan a little popcorn tasting party at my house. Hear me out–wouldn’t it be fun to make all different kinds of popcorn (caramel, truffle, butter, etc.) and invite all your friends over for a taste test? I thought so too.

Go to a museum — I always find it hard to justify going to a museum in the Summer when all I want to do is be outside. Winter, on the other hand, is the perfect time to throw on a cozy sweater and sneakers and head to the museum.

Go for a long drive — Sometimes it’s nice to just sit in the car and go for a long drive. It’s especially nice if you stop for some hot chocolate along the way.

Scope the holiday decorations — Speaking of driving, one of my absolute favorite Winter activities is to drive around and look for the best holiday decorations in the neighborhood.

Tackle home projects — How could I leave this one off? While you’re spending some time at home, go ahead and cross a couple of projects off your to-do list.

Thankful for Thanksgiving


Remember when I said Fall was my favorite season? That’s likely because Thanksgiving happens during Fall and well, there’s nothing better than Thanksgiving. Just looking at these images makes me so excited for all that’s to come in the next few weeks. From pies, pinecones, and pumpkins to family, friends, and foliage, I am beyond excited and just can’t hide it.

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What’s your favorite Thanksgiving tradition? Share in the comments!