Insta Inspo

Instagram has always been my #1 and I basically get giddy every time they roll out a new feature. Maybe it’s because social media marketing is my career, but I just love watching how Instagram evolves their platform and design.

Naturally, when Instagram rolled out their new collections feature, I couldn’t wait to learn more about it and how it would enrich my usage. In a short amount of time, this new addition has quickly become one of my favorite features of the social network—read on to find out why.

There was a period of time in which Pinterest was my most-frequented web destination. I found endless inspiration from the site and took great pride in curating my boards. While I still do turn to Pinterest for inspiration, particularly as it pertains to interior design, I’ve found Instagram’s collections feature to fill a lot of the same needs that Pinterest once did. I’m constantly stumbling upon beautiful photos as I scroll through my Instagram feed and at one point, I even had an album on my camera roll for all of my Instagram screenshots.

Now, however, there’s no need to screenshot because I can simply save beautiful images right within Instagram. After a few weeks of saving photos, I started to notice patterns amidst the content, and that’s how I landed on the following collection boards:

  • Recipes
  • Interiors
  • San Francisco
  • Outfits
  • LA
  • Weekends
  • Tropical Vacations

I absolutely love that when I’m at the market, I can quickly open my Instagram app and navigate straight to my “recipes” board for some ideas. Similarly, when I’m staring at the contents of my closet and not seeing anything I like, I can open the “outfits” board for some much-needed inspiration.

Have you been using the collections feature? Let me know how you’re liking it below!

Tracked in Google Docs

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A couple weeks back, I did a feature about Evernote and how I can’t live without its organization and ease of use. But the story isn’t complete without a feature on my other love: Google Docs.


I am constantly working on little projects and to-do’s—sometimes with groups of people and sometimes just by myself. I love that with Google Docs, I can create spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations and make live updates even as my partner is updating it as well.

Since I’m currently in the market for a new car, I recently made a spreadsheet dedicated to car research. It’s so nice to be able to organize all of my thoughts in one spreadsheet, which I can then check regardless of which computer or device I’m on, since it lives in Google and not in a document on my computer. Ahh, technology can really be wonderful sometimes.


Noted In Evernote

First Image

Saying that I love Evernote would be an understatement. It has completely transformed my life to the point where I am not sure how I would function—both professionally and personally—without it.

IMG_5615 IMG_5621

I’m an avid note-taker by nature so I needed an app that would allow me to easily jot down all of my thoughts. But what makes Evernote so amazing is that it lets you group all of these thoughts into notebooks. Just imagine: You can have one notebook for recipes, another for outfit inspiration, yet another for books to read, and so on and so forth…Your notes can be filled with text, images, links, etc. Amazing, right??


Another thing I love about Evernote is that there’s both a desktop and mobile app. Sometimes my best ideas come to me when I’m on the train home from work or in line at the grocery store, so I love that I can whip out my phone and add to a note right then and there. Any updates I make will sync right to my computer—magic!


Oh and how could I forget what is possibly my favorite part? The check marks! When I’m writing to-do lists, I’ll use their little box bullets and then once I’ve completed a task, I’ll check it off. Instant gratification and so organized.

So have I convinced you? Download Evernote now. Seriously. You won’t regret it.

Currently On My iPhone…

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I like to keep my phone totally up-to-date so my favorite songs, apps, and photos are always on it—and nothing else. I’m just not one of those people who has pages and pages of apps, thousands of photos, and albums worth of songs on their phone, partly because I don’t have the storage space but mostly because I like to tidy in all aspects of my life. Here’s what I currently have on my phone, but beware, this could change tomorrow.

IMG_5737 IMG_5740


Notable apps:

  • Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat
  • Messaging: Facebook messenger and Whatsapp
  • Photography: VSCO Cam, Snapseed and Photoshop Express as shared in this post, and Aviary
  • Finances: Bank of America, Venmo, and Credit Karma
  • Pandora
  • Evernote
  • Nextdoor
  • Namaste



  • Adele
  • Chvrches
  • Drake

Travel Tips

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Booking a vacation is nothing short of exhilarating, but sometimes the steps leading up to it can be a bit stressful. There’s so much to consider when booking a trip, especially a big one, that it can be hard to not get overwhelmed. Luckily, these things only get easier with time and experience – and, of course, with some tips and tricks employed. Here are some of my go-to steps when planning a vacation.

Do Research. When planning a vacay, it goes without saying that research is key. Researching anything and everything you can think of – from the best time of year to travel to affordable hotel options. Also, be sure to check multiple sites. While sites like Trip Advisor are always a good call, I also like to search the vacation destination in Google and see the blog posts that come up. Often times, these authentic personal posts have some great tips.

Go Incognito. Once you’re ready to actually book, it’s always a best practice to check multiple airlines and flight options before making a final decision. Since travel sites have ways to see whether you’ve visited that page/searched that destination before, they often jack up the prices on you without you even knowing! To avoid this, be sure you’re searching in an incognito window throughout the whole process.

Plan Ahead. Vacations, particularly international ones, require a lot of prep so start early! My go-to is a dose of emergen-c each day for a week leading up to the trip. I also like to be sure that my prescriptions are filled, toiletries are stocked, and clothes are cleaned. Do yourself a favor and make a thorough to-do list so you know what needs to be done before the trip.

IMG_5048 IMG_5050  IMG_5059

Tricks of the Trade: Organizing Email

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A personal email account is one of those things that can easily get abandoned; we spend so much time looking at and working in our work email, that our personal inboxes fall by the wayside. Since I always strive for inbox zero and pride myself on keeping my inboxes – both work and personal – very clean, I thought I’d share some of tips and tricks.

  • Unsubscribe from anything you can. We all wind up on various mailing lists that we no longer care about. Do yourself a favor and unsubscribe from anything you delete without even reading.
  • Create folders. Folders will allow you to file things away and reference them later should you need to. I have quite a few folders but some very useful ones are: “Finances,” “Personal,” “Medical,” “Work,” and “Travel.” Feel free to create folders that work best for you.
  • Cleanse your inbox. I like to think of what’s in my inbox at any given moment as my to-do list. Everything else that has already been dealt with is filed away. This way, I only have a few emails in my inbox at a time and know exactly what needs to be done.IMG_5251 IMG_5256

Favorite Photography Apps

First ImageIn my last post, I wrote about some photography tenants that dictate almost every snap I take and help me achieve the well-lit and balanced aesthetic that I love. But, sometimes you just can’t get the light the way you want it, or your lines aren’t perfectly straight and you need a little bit of help. Enter: my favorite photo editing apps to save the day!

Arrows to Photgraphy Apps

Adobe Photoshop (PS) Express. Heard of it? I kid, I kid. But did you know they have a mobile app? I always start with this app to adjust the levels of my photo – everything from clarity to exposure to vibrancy. 

Snapseed. After finishing up in Photoshop Express, I then head over to Snapseed. I love this app because it allows you to selectively edit and adjust small areas of a photo.

VSCO Cam. Finally, I’ll come over to VSCO Cam to add some finishing effects and filters to my photo. I’ll also save it to my profile so that others in my VSCO Cam community can see my post!Before and After1 3 4 6

And there you have it! From dark to bright and Instagram-able in no time.