Layne offers organizational services for any room or space in your life that needs a little TLC–from the closet all the way to the kitchen pantry. Her flat rate is $40/hour and the number of hours will vary depending upon the scale of the project.

For specific inquiries and price quotes, you can contact her at

Layne has worked with many clients in the past and below are a just a few reviews she has received after working her magic!

“My closet used to be a small-ish, awkwardly shaped portion of my room that I preferred to spend as little time in as possible. I liked what was in it, I just didn’t like to be in it. Now I would be happy to live in my closet. An iPad and some food and it’s a done deal. My closet is now gorgeous. It feels like twice the size and has limitless potential when it comes to getting dressed. Thanks to Layne my closet and I are now in a committed relationship, whereas before things were just complicated.” – Roxana Saidi

“For me, organization is key for my ability to positively function. The first thing you do before you start your day is get dressed. So, having an organized closet is intrinsic to that process. Before Layne, my closet did not function as a catalyst for productivity due to its clutter and disorganization. Now, getting dressed is not only fun and easy, but it creates a feeling of opportunity and ability to take my day in the right direction and conquer the possibilities.” – Cara Santana

“The Tidy Corner has literally de-cluttered my life! I always considered myself an organized and orderly person, but having another set of eyes see my closet was SO worth it. My closet looks and feels like an oasis now, and organization has made it easier to get dressed in the morning — not to mention exciting! I feel like I’ve gotten a whole closet full of new clothes! Thank you, Layne!” – Octavia Zamagias

“Before Layne stepped foot in my closet, I didn’t even know there was such a thing as color coordinating hangers. Layne’s attention to detail used in organizing my closet was unlike anything I have ever come across. She even helped me find a few dresses I thought had gone missing in the clutter! It was a true art project, I must say. I cannot thank her enough for changing the way I organize my most prized possessions. I will forever be a closet color-coder thanks to Layne!” – Robin Segal

“Working with Layne was great!  She is extremely talented at organization.  She made my closet and drawers look fantastic! I would definitely recommend trying her out, as she will change your world!” – David Todd

“I am so thankful for Layne’s personalized ideas on organizing my desk.  After following her suggestions, I now find it is easier to: 1) start my day, 2) transition to a different project/task, 3) get ready to leave the office – this is all possible because everything now has a place on my desk, and I know where everything is located.” – Sherri Smith 

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