Tea Party Birthday

First ImageAs you may have caught on from my Instagram posts, and from yesterday’s birthday recap, I rang in my 24th with a tea party at my apartment surrounded by my closest Bay Area friends. I wanted my apartment to feel like a tea party wonderland and started an entire Pinterest board to collect all of my inspiration. The party required a lot of prep, so if you’re looking for an easy breezy get together, you may want to opt for a potluck picnic situation. But, for me, this is the kind of work that I love so I enjoyed every minute of it. Making to-do lists on to-do lists, vintage shopping for embellished tea cups, stocking up on every last item I needed, and styling my apartment to perfection … yep, that’s what I love.

Here’s a look into my tea party wonderland:

IMG_4130IMG_4133IMG_4140IMG_4137IMG_4147IMG_4151 IMG_4148IMG_4142 IMG_4149   IMG_4145 IMG_4153 IMG_4161 IMG_4139 IMG_4160IMG_4180Since my apartment is fairly small, I wanted to find a way to arrange everything in a way that didn’t feel cramped or claustrophobic. After a few trials, I ended up moving my dining chairs to one wall so the table could be a place where all of the food and garnishes lived and people could walk all the way around it to get what they wanted. On the bar cart, I placed items like forks, spoons, plates, and cups, as to not crowd the table. Add in multiple bouquets of pink flowers and we were in business!

IMG_4164For all you foodies, this is the menu I served:

Mini sandwiches: pb&j, cucumber & cream cheese, and prosciutto, brie, and apple slices // Macarons // Mini pies // Shortbread cookies // Chocolate almond biscotti // Strawberries and raspberries // Nonpareils // White chocolate raisins // All different kinds of tea // Lemonade // White wine // Rosé.



I’m one of those people who just loves the idea of my birthday and looks forward to it for weeks in advance. This year, I was particularly excited because I spent the day before my birthday pampering myself — think: blow dry, mani, pedi, etc. I would highly recommend doing this on your birthday! Then, on the actual day, I invited my closest Bay Area friends over to my apartment for tea, light bites, and tons of sweets. I’ll be doing a whole post on the details of the tea party later this week, but in the meantime, here are the highlights from my birthday day.


Beautiful table setting. Stay tuned for more details later this week!


My home is now a flower shop and I’m perfectly ok with it.


Cutest little chocolate cake – yum!



Wishing for another 364 days just like this one.


Admiring the stunning bar at Foreign Cinema.


Cheers to a great year ahead!


Pretty twinkly lights in the back patio.

IMG_5666Decisions, decisions . . . Everything sounded so good!

P.S. For a look into how I spent my birthday last year, check out this post.

Mess Is Best


So, I know my blog is essentially about how organization is best, but I’ve changed my motto. After giving it much thought, I realized that who needs organization when you can simply bask in the glory that is a mess? Just think about how great it feels to come home to a messy apartment – dishes in the sink, an overflowing trash, clothes on the floor, an un-made bed. Ahh, the life.

What I’m trying to say is that this blog is going to change slightly given my new-found perspective. Aaaand what I’m also saying is: APRIL FOOL’S!



The Organizing Queen celebrated her birthday this weekend! And yes, I do frequently refer to myself by that title. It was a beautiful day filled with great weather, lovely friends and family, and delicious food. See for yourself and tell me you don’t want to run down to Shutters On The Beach immediately after.


(Pan)cake for the birthday girl.


Wishing for pups, peonies, and perfectly organized closets.


A+ beach weather.


Beautiful table setting at The Ivy.