My Laundry Routine


It’s no secret that I love doing laundry, and I’ve even written about tips to making it more fun. Even though it can be a big chore on your to-do list each week, in my opinion there’s no better feeling than an empty hamper and a closet full of all your favorite clean clothes.

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Because I do laundry about twice a week–once for darks and once for lights–and wash both my and my boyfriend’s clothes, it was super important to me to find a detergent that complimented both of us. I was searching for something with a light, gender neutral smell and ingredients that wouldn’t wear out our clothes.

One day as I was perusing the aisles of Whole Foods, I stumbled across Ecover’s lavender field laundry detergent and immediately loved the smell. I’ve now been using it for a few weeks and am super pleased with the results, so it might just stick around for a while.


What are your favorite laundry products or best-kept secrets? Share in the comments!